JATL passed ISO / IEC 17025 surveillance audit

August 2019

JATL had the 9th surveillance audit based on the JAB (Japan Conformity Assessment Association) revised 2018, and passed it. (June)

The scope to be covered room air conditioners, package air conditioners and heat- pump water heaters (eco cute).


June 2019

The executives of TERTEC visited JATL.
JATL introduced our testing facilities, including new Balanced ambient room-type calorimeter, and exchanged the information of recent performance testing business in both countries.

TERTEC was established as a non-profit professional institute for research, testing and technology services in 1979, under the endowment and auspices of the Taiwan Power Company and thirteen other electric equipment manufacturers.
For more than 40 years, TERTEC have earned the reputation of independence, impartiality and professionalism in TAIWAN.

Refer TERTEC’s web site

Site Renewal Notice

May 2019

Thank you for always visiting our website.
We have completely renewed our website, the main points of renewal are as follows.

  • Improving the sense of unity in design by changing the color scheme While cherishing the colors of the blue system, which is the image color of the JATL logo, it can be viewed simply and has improved to a friendly color scheme.
  • Easy to browse, and compatible with various devices We have changed the layout and design to improve the visibility and browse. In addition, we consider multi-device browsing that can be viewed without stress both in PC and in mobile, including smartphone and tablet.

We will continue to improve the content and aim to provide better websites.
We hope that we can further understand our laboratory through this site.

JATL’s Technical research conference was held

March 2019

JATL’s technicians decide the research theme related the performance test, and they conduct a verification test. And they present their research results internally once per year. On March 15,2019, three technicians presented their research results based on the results of tests.
Their theme is as bellow,

  • Analysis of a fine difference of the results in two testing laboratories
  • About the measurement of the heat-leakage coefficient of the testing laboratory
  • Analysis of the influence of filling refrigerant quantity on the performance for the refrigerator

The presentations were held for 30 minutes each, with 10 minutes of Q & A, and lively discussions were held.

JATL’s Technical research conference was held

JATL gives lecture on air conditioning certification. (January)

January 2019

Requested by AOTS (Overseas Industrial Human Resources Development Association), continuing from last September The lecture was given to 19 people in eight ASEAN countries.

Among the participants, there were some questions, especially the verification system of JRAIA (Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association), such as market purchasing tests, test facility certifications, and certification seals, were explained.

Visiting the Thai National Test Station. (January March)

January, March 2019

JATL visited the Thai National Laboratory EEI (Electrical and Electronics Institute), and exchanged views on the accuracy improvement and inverter test standard (ISO16358) for performance test.

JATL employees participate in the 56th National Skills Competition (venue: Okinawa Prefecture) as match officials (referees)

November 2018

The 56th National Skills Competition was held from November 2 to 5, 2018 in Okinawa Prefecture where JATL employees served as match officials (referees) for contests in the refrigeration technology category.

※The National Skills Competition is a tournament held annually where young engineers compete to demonstrate who has the best skills in Japan and to learn about the importance of developing engineers capable of supporting Japan’s future and the value of “craftsmanship.”

Performance test technician training held

October 2018

Training was held for performance test technicians on the use of the Balanced Ambient Room-Type Calorimeter (RAC2) testing equipment.