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Establishing purpose of JATL

Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is widely used in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, and it is essential to our social activities and our daily lives as well.
Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment consumes a large amount of energy especially in residential and commercial uses, and it is very important that these products are properly evaluated in performance and efficiency. Performance evaluation of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment had been conducted by JRAIA Testing Laboratory for more than 30 years since its establishment in 1978. Meanwhile, there goes on a lively discussion around the world on how to prevent global warming. Along with the changing social environment, the general public has become increasingly aware that products, like air conditioners, should be environmentally friendly and that their performance should be properly evaluated. Under these circumstances, Japan Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Testing Laboratory (JATL) was established as a third-party institute for the purposes of offering appropriate information on product performance and contributing to development of the whole industry of Japan and to improvement of lives of the general public.



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Hon-Atsugi Station
Odakyu Line (Shinjuku - Odawara) Hon-Atsugi station → bus / taxi
●Bus : Hon-Atsugi station (east exit)
    Bus terminal 10 [for Nairiku Kogyo Danchi] or [for Kasugadai Danchi] → [Danchi Iriguchi]
    (about 35 minutes) → 3 minutes walk
● Taxi : Hon-Atsugi station (north exit / south exit) taxi stand (about 25 minutes)
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line (Shinjuku - Odawara) Ebina station → bus
● Bus : Ebina station (west exit) 2 [for Nairiku Kogyo Danchi] → [Danchi Iriguchi] (about 30 minutes)
    → 3 minutes walk
Sagamihara Station
JR Yokohama Line (Hachioji - Higashi-Kanagawa) Sagamihara station → taxi
● Taxi:Sagamihara station (south exit) taxi stand (about 30 minutes)

JATL Japan Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Testing Laboratory
Within Nairiku Kogyo Danchi (Inland Industrial Park) 3003, Kamiechi, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0801, Japan

Tel:+81-46-286-0735 Fax:+81-46-286-1140

URL http://www.jatl.or.jp